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"I LIKE IT LIKE THAT" now playing at PRTT

@ the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater

304 W 47th St, NY, NY
Box Office 212-581-9859  Info 347-269-8129
            Now featuring Domingo Quiñones


PRETTY FILTHY original Cast Album

PRETTY FILTHY original Cast Album released on iTunes!
It is currently in the top 50 most downloaded albums on the iTunes. 

We have  also released a behind the scenes video from the recording studio on YouTube and Facebook today that you are welcome to share:



Short Order Dad for Father's Day

One guy's guide to making food fun and hassle-free
by Robert Rosenthal

The perfect Father's Day gift!



54 Sings How to Succeed in Business

JUNE 5  7pm $30-$40 Tickets

Have you always wanted to learn How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying? If so, come join us when Feinstein’s/54 Below brings one of Broadway’s funniest musicals to vivid life. A cast of Broadway’s greatest musical comedians will be on hand to sing such Frank Loesser hits as “I Believe in You”, “Coffee Break”, “Brotherhood of Man”, and many more in celebration of this hysterical, Pulitzer Prize winning musical comedy!
Produced and Directed by Robert W. Schneider

Josh Grisetti (It Shoulda Been You)

Nick Wyman (Catch Me If You Can)
George Salazar (Be More Chill)

Eddie Korbich (A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder)
Ginna Claire Mason (Wicked)
Luba Mason (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying)
Allison Guinn (On the Town)

Bryonha Marie Parham (After Midnight)

Timothy Jerome (Me and My Girl)

Allison Griffith
Kristen Kane
Cori Solbun
Deirdre Donohue
Erin Rice
Jennifer Reed
Jeremy Konokpa
Matthew McFarland
Michael Hajjar
Roger Dawley
Sean Switser 
Sean White
The Voice of Robert Morse (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying)

Jo Sullivan Loesser (The Most Happy Fella)

 What else has Luba recommended?


Club Bonafide on E. 52nd St.


From the 30s into the early 1950s, If you flagged a taxi in NYC and asked to be taken to “The Street,” you would be driven, without giving a number or an avenue, to 52nd Street. There were so many Jazz joints and clubs along 52nd Street, it also became known as  “Swing Street.” Many jazz greats including: Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Louis Prima, Billie Holiday, Fats Waller, Ella Fitzgerald, Marian McPartland, and many more played almost nightly and easily would perform in more than one club in any given month. It’s from this street that the bebop tune called “52nd Street Theme” by Thelonious Monk became a live jazz standard.

Club Bonafide, located at 212 East 52nd Street, is bringing music back to 52nd Street with the same open, embracing attitude. Co-owner Richard Bona views Club Bonafide, as a vehicle for reigniting an openness within venues both by doing away with exclusivity clauses and by looking to instill a more genre-blind booking. In this way, Bona hopes to encourage a celebration of live music and an environment of collaboration that he views as crucial to building a scene. “Charlie Parker was performing on 52nd Street every night,” he notes. “And that’s part of what made him great. The artists have to be able to perform, and it helps no one if a great musician can only play in New York at a major club maybe three times a year.”



Vinyl, new on HBO

The new HBO show from executive producers
Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger

"I'd like to recommend the HBO series Vinyl.
Starring Bobby Cannevale as a music exec exploring new music and talent in the 70's. Very authentic in look, sound and style. No details overlooked. Interesting, fun and Writing not bad either!
Also interesting is to check out Mick Jagger's oldest son James making a name for himself in the series playing a sexy, punk lead singer in a band about to be signed by Cannevale's  record co."



55 Bar, the best deal in town

The best deal in town
for live music!

Minimum $5 - $10 cover or no cover at all!
A 1919 prohibition dive bar located in the heart of Greenwich Village on 55 Greenwich ST, this venue rocks with great Jazz music while sipping on reasonably priced bar drinks.
A total relaxed, low key, casual hang.

A new book: Dylan Goes Electric!

Dylan Goes Electric!
Newport, Seeger, Dylan, and the Night that Split the Sixties

by Elijah Wald

The story of Bob Dylan's iconic electric apostasy at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, set in the context of its turbulent times, Dylan's musical evolution, and the oft-misunderstood folk revival, personified by the oft-misunderstood Pete Seeger.

Current book tour dates

Order a book or ebook from your local independent bookstore


Outstanding Health

The 6 Essential Keys To Maximize Your Energy and Well Being
by Michael Galitzer, MD
    Larry Trivieri Jr.

So this is one of my passions when not doing music or acting…reading anything about holistic, alternative health and medicine. Anything to stay away from those pharmaceutical drugs that are being imposed on us night and day on television, magazine ads and our own western doctors. 

I have started this book and can't put it down. It has been written by my "alternative" doctor who I met while living in L.A.,  Dr. Michael Galitzer. I don't see him often enough anymore (since he lives on the other coast), but whenever I go west, I make sure to get an appt. w/him while in L.A.

I have not been able to find a doctor comparable to him here in NY (yet). 

He practices Bio Energetic medicine - measuring the body's energy to discover imbalances in the body way before diseases develop. Before serious symptoms happen...before it's too late and serious medical treatments need to be administered.

Check it out!

This is not some voodoo approach. It's worth it and makes sense. Google him and see for yourself.


Subrosa NYC

Subrosa NYC
63 Gansevoort St. 

Subrosa NYC is the new Latin and World music, art, and culture showcase in the Meatpacking District by the people behind the Blue Note Jazz Club, B.B. King Blues Club, Highline Ballroom, and Bue Note Jazz Festival. It's an eclectic listening room dedicated to showcasing music, art, and culture,  with live music nightly.

"Sub rosa" means "under the rose" in Spanish and Latin, meaning secret. it is also a pun on "sabrosa" which means "tasty" in Spanish - that's what the music is!


Is That All There Is - a biography of Peggy Lee, by James Gavin


Recommending my friend James Gavin's fantastic new biography of Peggy Lee, Is That All There Is.

It has gotten great reviews, and it's fun, well-written, and thoroughly researched.

NY Times Sunday Book Review

Jazz Times interview with James



Pretty Filthy

Pretty Fillthy
A new musical about the other Hollywood fom The Civilians Investigative Theater

Music and Lyrics by Michael Friedman, Book by Bess Wohl
Directed by Steve Cosson
Abrons Arts Center, January 31 - March 1, 2015
The Kickstarter campaign was successful!

 - NY Times: "In another standout song, a veteran performer, Georgina Congress, portrayed with droll earthiness by the wonderful Luba Mason."
   Video: In Performance Luba Mason
 - Variety: "Take Georgina, "She's a legend," according to one admiring co-worker, and so she is in Luba Mason's dynamite performance."
 - NY Daily News: "An enterprising middle aged actress who's rolling with the changing landscape stands out thanks to Luba Mason's straight up and affecting performance."
- Hollywood Reporter: "Particularly outstanding are Broadway veteran Mason (Chicago, Jekyll & Hyde), deliciously droll as the veteran porn star who finds her career surging thanks to the growing interest in MILFs"
- Theatermania: "We meet a wide variety of characters, from seasoned veteran Georgina Congress (Luba Mason in a convincing and emotionally stirring performance)"

Theatermania: Exclusive photos

In the New Yorker:


New series on ABC - FOREVER

I Just wrapped on location for a new ABC series, FOREVER
Episode 105 "The Pugilist Break"  original airdate 10/14/2014

Airs Tuesdays 10pm

Doctor Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), New York City's star medical examiner, has a secret. He doesn't just study the dead to solve criminal cases, he does it to solve the mystery that has eluded him for 200 years - the answer to his own inexplicable immortality.

Filming site:


The movie - The Grand Budapest Hotel

"Who would a thunk? Another Hollywood ensemble cast that was put together for a movie...but this one stands out. Clever casting, ( didn't even recognize Tilda Swinton), interesting premise and just love that F Murray Abraham.... Understated and smart.
Quirky and entertaining. Enjoy!"

You can still buy tickets to see THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL on the big screen here:

Digital HD on June 3 and Blu-ray and DVD on June 17


The Allman Brothers, March 2014

Luba onstage at the Beacon Theatre

The Allman Brothers - I have not always been their BIGGEST fan but a FAN nonetheless over the years. And I confess, this was the first time I saw them play live and was I in for a real surprise! Like clockwork, (I was told), the scent of pot began drifting at the downbeat of 8PM when the show was about to begin. A sold out theater begins to get restless and then slowly starts to roar as the musicians walk out on stage with Greg Allman the last to take his place at the keyboards/organ.

The evening a treat!! Taking you back to the 70's but staying current with the agile and furious playing of lead guitarists Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes. Different styles but both dope. Also Marc Quiñones, their percussionist, adds a complex tapestry of rhythmic fills which drives the music ever so intently. And Greg... amazed how great he still sounds in the vocals! A true testament to defying age.

Catch them ANYWHERE this year because 2014 is the last year they'll be touring.

(Note: the four remaining shows at the Beacon Theater in March have been postponed according to a note on their web site.)



A book this time

I recommend a book:



CHOOSE YOURSELF by James Altucher

A motivational book for anyone seeking success in an entrepreneurial world. He starts with the simple basics of self-care that will nurture your creativity to turn yourself into a think tank of ideas to make money. And all the while written with a lot of humor and honesty. He's quite inspiring having written 11 books and founded 20 companies by the age of 46.


Two CDs you should hear

I recommend two CDs:

1. LAURA DUBIN TRIO - her debut album using which I was happy to contribute to! This jazz pianist is young, brand spankin' new, fresh out of college and making it happen! Not only is she right out of school, recorded her first album, formed her own trio, written all of the songs on the cd but she's a damn great pianist and musician. Impressive. She is showing people how it's done to get out there. I predict great things for this spitfire-gal.


2. DEDICATION, Roger Peltzman plays Chopin - another kickstarter which I also contributed to, and another fine pianist but classical this time. Roger dedicates this album to his uncle Norbert Stern, a piano prodigy, born in Berlin and fled the Nazi's to Brussels. His fate was unfortunate ending in Auschwitz but Roger rekindles his spirit and talent recording Chopin, his uncles' specialty, on the very same keys of the piano his uncle played on in Brussels. Not only a moving story but a beautiful performance cd! By the way, I am very proud to say that Roger is from my home town.


December, shopping at UNIQLO


Luba says "This store is like crack for me!
Great LOW prices, hip styles, good quality and PRACTICAL! What else could you ask for? Finished a ton of my Xmas shopping in there. LOVE this place....GO!"

Stores are worldwide, and online. Articles in New York Magazine, Fast Company, and the New Yorker have praised this company.
The first Uniqlo store in the U.S. was UNIQLO SOHO.


October: Robert Morris, Steven Morris, and Joe Shane at The Cutting Room

Robert Morris, Steven Morris and Joe Shane

present an evening of songs from their catalogue along with special guests.
Robert Morris, Steven Morris, and Joe Shane, the composer/lyricists of the musicals Once Around the Sun, White Noise, and Rock Star, will present an evening of music from their song catalogues at The Cutting Room.

Joining the authors for the concert will be Broadway veterans Jessica Phillips (Leap of Faith), Asa Somers (Next to Normal), Tad Wilson (Priscilla Queen of the Desert),
Luba Mason (Chicago), Margot Bingham (Rent), Andrew Fisher, Rodney Howard, John James, and Jorgen Kjaer.
Mon, October 21, 2013
Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm
The Cutting Room
44 E. 32nd St. New York, NY
$15 Advanced - $20 Day of Show - TICKETS



9/21 The Red Cat

 The Red Cat (restaurant located on 10th Avenue between 23rd and 24th streets in Chelsea)

"Fabulous seasonal foods w/a killer wine list! Tip : Go early for dinner to get a table if you've no reservation. It's ALWAYS full!"

By turns cozy and sexy, laid-back and fleet, the Red Cat is a restaurant Rorschach, different things at different times to different people... Its fluid, flexible nature is such that seems - and is - in equal measures a local joint and a destination... I always leave the Red Cat happy.

-Frank Bruni, The New York Times, June 29, 2005  Facebook