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Two CDs you should hear

I recommend two CDs:

1. LAURA DUBIN TRIO - her debut album using which I was happy to contribute to! This jazz pianist is young, brand spankin' new, fresh out of college and making it happen! Not only is she right out of school, recorded her first album, formed her own trio, written all of the songs on the cd but she's a damn great pianist and musician. Impressive. She is showing people how it's done to get out there. I predict great things for this spitfire-gal.


2. DEDICATION, Roger Peltzman plays Chopin - another kickstarter which I also contributed to, and another fine pianist but classical this time. Roger dedicates this album to his uncle Norbert Stern, a piano prodigy, born in Berlin and fled the Nazi's to Brussels. His fate was unfortunate ending in Auschwitz but Roger rekindles his spirit and talent recording Chopin, his uncles' specialty, on the very same keys of the piano his uncle played on in Brussels. Not only a moving story but a beautiful performance cd! By the way, I am very proud to say that Roger is from my home town.

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