Luba Mason Artist of the Month

Sounds of Timeless Jazz
June 2016


Mixtura is Luba Mason’s most recent offering on Kolbalt Records and it’s a keeper. The CD is an  intriguing mix of Jazz, Pop, Country, Bossa Nova and more that features such guest artists as Al Jarreau, Kenny Loggins, Randy Brecker, Dori Caymmi, Flor De Tolache and Jimmy Haslip. The award-winning vocalist co-produced the 12-track recording with Jimmy Haslip and led her band of drummer Joel Mateo, bassist Dan Martinez, guitarist Rafael Rosa , violinist Sara Caswell and Felipe Founier who serves as Musical Director and plays vibraphone and percussion.
According to Luba Mason, "Mixtura is a message about the importance of art as a medium of freedom of expression and life without boundaries, a culmination of everything I am, have learned and experienced so far in life as a singer, musician and artist. Its meaning is a ‘blend of different musical currents,' each song evoking different parts of me and full of surprises, twists and turns."
Al Jarreau  duets with Luba on “Moon Dance,” shares the spotlight with Randy Brecker and Jimmy Haslip n “Freedom,” sings a cool bossa nova with Dori Caymmi and Kenny Loggins on “On The 4th of July,” and gets introspective  with the Flor De Toalache Mariachi Band on ‘”Calm Before the Storm.” Each song reveals her dynamic versatility as a singer.
The entire CD is excellent and continues to meet the exemplary  standards Luba Mason has set for herself as an artist. For more information, please visit her web site.

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